Need to convert dozens of points of sale simultaneously? To rework, expand, or rebrand them all at the same time and within the space of a few days? So that communication and marketing activities can be implemented together at the same specified point in time?

If so, then it is time for one of our “whirlwind operations!” For example over 200 POS (Point of Sale) on a single weekend. This includes meticulously planned project work with a whole host of team players: Setting up model shops for training fitters and operators; coordinating over 200 fitters; providing over 100 fully equipped delivery vans; extensive construction folders containing all specifications and permits; cleverly devised route maps; perfect control centers; efficient emergency organization; complete coverage of all materials and equipment; and systems for return, storage, and disposal. teamtischer has carried out a total of six “whirlwind operations” in two years. Initially a new development, this is now a well-oiled market service. But one that still calls for the kind of attention to detail that allows us to give the green light to store after store – a great feeling indeed. All thanks to teamwork at its best!