teamtischer: Launching the Vital Points program

April 13, 2016

You can’t spell “teamtischer” without “team.” This being the case, we have been deliberating for a number of months how to get the whole team to pay more attention to their own health. This gave rise to the Vital Points program, which rewards our team members when they do something wholesome for themselves or their environment. For example when they play sports. Or eat healthy food. Or get socially involved. At the same time, the company has done its bit by offering fitness courses with physiotherapists, a canteen with healthy meals, and checkups with the company doctor. We also introduced counseling to raise awareness about important questions such as “retirement planning” and “gradual transition into retirement.” Team members who participate in these events generate “vital points” for their personal account.

And what does the company get from this? Healthy, motivated employees who are happy to have to chance to win extra vacation time or a cash prize. And, above all, a team that enjoys working together and that takes on new projects with verve and passion.