Obituary: Raquel Tischer

February 6, 2018

We still find it hard to believe that our dear boss, Raquel Tischer, is no longer with us. Her sudden and unexpected death on December 20, 2017, shocked and saddened us all. We at teamtischer were not sure how to convey this terrible news at first but have now decided to pay tribute to her in this obituary on our website.

Raquel and Martin Tischer decided to found teamtischer together in 2005. From the outset, it was clear that they would both channel all of their energy into building up the company. Raquel did so by looking after the areas of Personnel and Finance with boundless enthusiasm.

After many arduous and turbulent years of development and learning – but never losing sight of their vision of a team of happy employees – their breakthrough came by way of major projects for high-profile customers. The way was now clear to further pursue the company’s goal and to take its innovative philosophy to the next level. It was a source of great joy and pride for Raquel when teamtischer was awarded the TOP 100 Award for innovation in summer 2017.

Kind-hearted and compassionate, Raquel always took the time to listen to the joys, woes and problems of teamtischer team members. Her outlook frequently helped to bring about more balanced company decisions. Her humor and good spirits always brought a smile to our faces. When we think of her, this smile never fails to return.

“Raquel, you will always be part of our team!”