teamtischer workshop: Good food equals good mood . . .

April 13, 2016

The first teamtischer “Eating Well” cooking event honed in on the most important facts for well-balanced meals. With gourmet chef Leonardo Sancillo at the helm, the participants cooked a menu that was delicious and nutritious in equal measures. When tucking into the organic salsiccia sausage, vegetable ratatouille, crespelles (filled pancakes), and other culinary delights, many participants wondered why they couldn’t eat like that every day. Nutrition experts Jörn Becker and Julia van Berck provided the theory behind the toothsome practice. What is healthy eating? How can I incorporate it in my working day? These and many other questions were answered through the course of the lively session. And the best news came at the end: As of September, the company will have its own canteen with two chefs. Isn’t it great when the occasional wish comes true?