Unitymedia flagship store: No way around it

January 11, 2016

Unitymedia had issued invitations to the opening of its new concept store on Cologne’s Schildergasse shopping street – and the guests turned up eager to find out more. Spread out over 100 m² of retail floor space, there was much to discover in the individual zones: Screens, iPads, and product samples brought to life the entire Unitymedia product range, recently expanded to include telephony as well.

One aspect that particularly caught visitors’ eyes was teamtischer’s cozy interior design. The classy wooden surfaces, colored upholstery elements, and friendly lighting design with colored LED apps appealed greatly to visitors. Small wonder that many guests made themselves comfortable in these cozy surroundings and starting surfing away to their hearts’ content.

In his opening speech, a beaming Lutz Schüler, CEO of Unitymedia, spoke of a “milestone for Unitymedia.”