Starbucks Store in Basel: The fun is in the (sophisticated) details

April 21, 2016

Not only guests are used to seeing top design in Starbucks stores – staff members are too. Which is why we were delighted to receive the short film sent to us after we put the finishing touches to the latest store in Basel. In this film, beaming Starbucks staff thanked us for the new store.

But to be honest, we should be thanking them. For 14 days during which we were really able to pull out all the stops. Removing the core of the 120 m² area, overseeing the complex skilled trades work, and bringing the sophisticated design to life. The abundant high-grade materials, loving attention to detail, and the constructive interaction meant that this job was a real pleasure. Incidentally, big thanks also to the Basel police, who turned a blind eye to our delivery van after the first five parking tickets. After all, the material needed to make its way somehow through the pedestrian zone to its destination.