Very few companies find a way to anchor their values in everyday working life. teamtischer has no interest in merely formulating values for the sake of image – instead, it demonstrates every day that these values are firmly rooted in reality. And we never lose sight of the need to put into practice what we wish to project externally.

Our employees know the score.

It goes without saying that customer orders are necessary for a company to go from strength to strength. Our employees are well aware of this. And we at teamtischer are equally aware that our employees are our greatest assets – not only their expertise but also their creativity and motivation.

We set great store by our in-house talent.

First-class performance needs a positive environment. At teamtischer, our employees actively help to shape this environment. teamtischer’s “Healthy Life” program awards employees “vital points” for healthy activities and social involvement. And teamtischer’s Flex and Relax time account model is a modern program designed to help our employees strike a healthy balance in their lives.

We generate values for our customers.

The values that our employees encounter within the company are reflected in their relationship with customers. At teamtischer, everyone wants to go the extra mile for customers, to cater for their needs in an efficient, professional way – in other words, to provide a first-class service.

We appreciate the little differences that make us all individuals.

Be it internal or external, the fine nuances do not escape us. For us, the human perspective is just as important in our dealings with customers as it is with our staff. Getting along is the first step towards a highly productive working relationship. And if two people appreciate each other’s values and individuality, they will also see eye to eye when it comes to the little things.